Kesi Case is a couture brand defined by various cultures and styles worldwide. It embraces the personal visions and spirit of one of its principle founders and Head Designer, Kesi Case. The genesis of the Kesi Case brand was Kesi's free spirit which allows her to bring her experience and love for other cultures and intertwine them to design high fashion apparel that would inspire men and women across the world. Kesi creates pieces that are stylish enough for the runway yet ready to wear. Kesi Case was launched in 2008, only providing custom couture apparel for men and women in the categories of Suites, Bridal, Dresses, Swimwear and Sportswear.
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Nomads Gold is a premium food and beverage company specializing in processing, marketing and distributing Rum Cakes, Snacks, Coconut Water, Escoveitch (Escovitch) sauce and other produce. Nomads Gold was founded with the belief that people should enjoy what they eat and drink and feel good while they are doing it.
iCreate Solutions is a solutions provider with expertise in business intelligence, custom software solutions, IT business consulting, and online marketing. Our talented team is comprised of experienced, qualified and trusted individuals that bring strategic business value to your company by delivering creative, cutting-edge solutions that will help you convert your ideas into great new products and services.
Jus Blaze Productions provides various services to entertainment industry professionals worldwide. Jus blaze discovers and develops recording artists and then styles, markets and promotes them across a wide array of formats and platforms.